Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will Bleach Return? If so when?

Bleach was one of the most successful anime/manga stories ever created. It captured us with its comedy and combat. But recently, Bleach has been canceled. People say it was because the FullBring arc turned down many fans and others say that without Aizen, the story got boring. At the last Bleach anime episode, Ichigo said "See you again" at the end of the episode. This could mean that we may see some Bleach anime again soon. Others say that Bleach was cancelled because Manga sales were dropping and so were anime sales. So they decided to get rid of the least profitable one in order to increase profit. Bleach is at its last arc and it is probably up on top with the first Bleach arc. When will Bleach return? It will return when Manga sales increase dramatically (which they are) or when Bleach manga finishes the last arc (most likely) That last choice is probably the most profitable choice and it holds the future of Bleach. I predict this last arc to be very long and may even last till the end or middle of 2013. So expect Bleach anime to return in the late 2013 or early 2014. Anyway, Viz Media isn't going anywhere and they seem to enjoy working on Bleach. But I must say, the art quality in the FullBring arc was at an all time low for Bleach and began to rise again nearing the end of the arc. Maybe they knew it was coming to an end and lost the motivation they once had. But nearing the and they discovered that they would be able to work on Bleach again, thus their quality increased. Thank for reading, see you again! Ha look at those funny shirts down below!


Vegeta Prince said...

I thought the art quality was great, and the ending was awesome with his powers. however--it is odd without Aizen. Kind of like a rise and fall and I hope to see Ichigos 3rd form again.

Anonymous said...

Aizen is in the new arc he is just in prison it's not like he is dead. He is approached by some people who I will say visit the soul society.

Anonymous said...

It is stupid to end it when they finally advanced the overall storyline. Here are 2 story arcs that would be at least as good as the main one they had with Aizen:

1) Ichigo goes back to Sereitai and discovers that the Old Man is either dead or retired. A power vacuum has opened and the top contenders are about to go to war over the Captain-Commander title. Who would they be? (I would do Kenpachi vs Kurotsuchi). Whoever it is Ichigo has to suddenly save the Soul Society from tearing itself to pieces in a power struggle.


2) Ichigo decides to stop denying the fact that he loves Rukia and asks her out. But ironically Renji decides to do this at the same time. She says yes to Ichigo and suddenly he is the happiest kid in Kamakura. But Renji is dark and disturbed. He decides to get her brother/his captain on his side about the matter and do whatever it takes to outshine Ichigo because he is so in love with Rukia also. Even if it means they have to fight over her mano y mano! And Byakuya is on the side of his lieutenant, making things even harder for Rukia's new boyfriend Ichigo. The only one in his corner besides his new girlfriend is Kon!.... Or is he? Kon has been acting a little off-balance ever since Nozomi went away.

Those are just 2 story arc ideas. I don't know why they act like they've run out of ideas. You could take either of these and run a mile.